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Corpus Christi is being renovated to reflect its role as a centre of Eucharistic devotion

Thousands attended the consecration in Westminster Cathedral

The cardinal said that it would be ‘shocking’ if the Government abandoned its moral duty

The Archbishop of Westminster also praised Catholics who have taken part in the community sponsorship scheme

Morning Catholic must-reads: 22/12/16

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When Francis Campbell was appointed vice-chancellor two years ago, the Catholic university was in crisis. Now revenues are up and so are student numbers

The Archbishop of Westminster said that some national newspapers stirred up xenophobia ahead of the Brexit vote

The Archbishop of Canterbury joined Cardinal Vincent Nichols for the closing of the Door of Mercy at Westminster Cathedral

Cardinal Nichols apologised for the hurt caused to young mothers pressured into giving up their babies

Cardinal Vincent Nichols and Pope Francis both addressed the Santa Marta Group during a conference this week