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The Chapel of St George and the English Martyrs will host the decorative scheme

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Fr Jacques Hamel is reported to have said ‘go away Satan’ before he was killed

Cardinal Nichols said it was just a ‘new step on the pathway of holiness’

Archbishop Fisher called for solidarity with other religions, and said the attackers targeted the Christian faith

Graduates at St Mary’s, Britain’s oldest Catholic university, were addressed by Cardinal Nichols last week

We can have it both ways


Cardinal Sarah’s advice to priests to celebrate Mass facing east, rather than towards the congregation, has caused uproar in Rome. Yet a simple compromise is available

The cardinal and Bishop Kenney have appealed for peace and humanitarian assistance for the troubled country

The Archbishop of Westminster has told clergy Mass is ‘not the time for priests to exercise personal preference or taste’

Cardinal Nichols joins the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Chief Rabbi and an imam in urging Britain to unite against prejudice