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Tyshawn Lee was killed in alleged gang execution on November 2

Amnesty International has launched a campaign calling for the decriminalisation of abortion in Ireland

The Reformation with its attendant iconoclasm stripped England of much of its numinosity

In a surprise speech to the synod, Francis said the ‘Catholic doctrine on marriage has not been touched or put into question’

By the time young Catholics reach university so many are ill-equipped to relate their faith to their lives

A century from now Catholics are likely to be the country’s largest Christian body. But the priesthood, the Mass and the laity may look startlingly different to today

Corrine Barber, from Scotland, has been given a prognosis of five to twelve months to live

The cardinal led the Catholic Church in Hungary as the country moved from communism to democracy

The McLellan Commission was created in 2014 to investigate how the Scottish Church handled abuse cases

Labour leadership contender has spoken about his Catholic upbringing and his current attitude to the faith