Thu 23rd Oct 2014 | Last updated: Thu 23rd Oct 2014 at 14:15pm

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Topic: Charles Moore

Michael Faraday would find Richard Dawkins terrifying

The pioneering scientist said: ‘There is nothing so frightening as someone who knows they are right’

‘How “comfortable” does a Church have to get before it realises that it is called by Christ to be a sign of contradiction to the world?’

The Church is not here to appease the wider world or indeed, lay Catholics

We need more babies – it’s a stark economic fact

Priests must combat ‘over-population’ agenda by preaching on marriage and openness to new life

Why some women didn’t like Margaret Thatcher

Last Saturday’s ‘Young Margaret’ offered some telling insights into the former prime minister

‘The Church always needs new blood’

Charles Moore tells Luke Coppen why he has agreed to become a patron of a new group supporting members of the ordinariate

However undesirable the News of the World may have become, we still owe Murdoch a debt of gratitude for Wapping

It’s time to get some sense of balance into this frenzied debate

Let’s take a principled stand against the BBC’s euthanasia propaganda

The Corporation has betrayed its charter and is no longer worthy of receiving our licence fee