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Bishop of St Pölten promises justice for abused

Mgr Charles Scicluna, the Vatican's chief prosecutor of clerical sexual abuse, kneels at a service for victims in St Peter's Basilica (CNS photo/Isabella Bonotto, Catholic Press Photo)

Revisions will also add the attempted ordination of women to list of most serious crimes against Church law

Cardinal Danneels is pictured on a magazine cover at the St Rombouts Cathedral in Mechelen (AP Photo/Virginia Mayo)

Cardinal Godfried Danneels is questioned for 10 hours as investigators continue on aggressive abuse investigation

Pope Benedict XVI pictured with Cardinal William Levada

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Lord Patten is overseeing preparations for the state aspects of the Pope's visit (Mazur/

Papal visit ‘will put an end to any Catholic feeling like a second-class citizen’

Bishop Walter Mixa (Photo: PA)

The bizarre case of a bishop at the heart of the German hierarchy’s fiercest public fight

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A daily guide to what’s happening in the Catholic Church

Cardinal chastised for critical remarks

Pope talks to Cardinal Schönborn over his critical comments towards a fellow cardinal

Pope makes forthright remarks about state of the Church

Cardinal hopes to be a ‘wounded healer’

Cardinal Murphy-O’Connor tells Irish priests that he dwells on his ‘painful failure’ in abuse case