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Statement issued after official visit to Rome by delegation of British Ministers

Government Minister says that no churches or other religious premises will be forced to host civil partnership ceremonies

It’s all so outdated, now the research shows how much more stable marriage is than cohabitation

Archbishop Nichols urges MPs and peers to listen to experts in the field of Catholic social care

We need to back the authority of parents, police, teachers. ‘Children’s rights’ has led to disaster

The archbishop’s arguments were derived from Left-wing politics, not the Christian religion

Or should they only intervene when they have the weight of the Magisterium behind them?

That’s a nuisance; it means that our own bishops will now be cautious when they ought to speak out

His view contrasts with those of Dr Rowan Williams, who this week described the Big Society as a ‘painfully stale slogan’

Imaginative Catholics can help to secure a new civil settlement for our times, says Greg Clark