Sat 25th Oct 2014 | Last updated: Fri 24th Oct 2014 at 18:39pm

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Topic: Cofton Park

Newman and papal visit receive stamp of approval

Isle of Man Stamps and Coins commemorates papal visit

Archbishop Longley looks forward to Newman beatification

Archbishop of Birmingham talks about the papal visit and Cardinal Newman’s legacy

Faithful are urged to line the streets to greet Pontiff

Pope Benedict XVI will use the Popemobile during parts of his tour in Britain so that more people can greet him

At Cofton Park, Vatican officials plan beatification liturgy

Officials from Rome visit Cofton Park, Birmingham

Lord Patten visits papal venues in Birmingham

The organiser of the papal visit enjoyed the sunshine at Cofton Park before visiting Cardinal Newman’s private chapel

Pope tells archbishop he is looking forward to beatification

Pope Benedict XVI made the comment when he placed the pallium over the shoulders of Archbishop Bernard Longley of Birmingham

Scottish faithful will not have to pay to attend papal Mass

Unlike their English counterparts, Scottish pilgrims will not be paying a fee for transport costs

Catholics urged to apply as soon as possible for papal visit places

Lay people and priests will have to pay £10 or £25 in order to attend big outdoor events in England

Vatican officials visit Cofton Park to plan beatification Mass

The papal master of ceremonies and two other Vatican officials tour Birmingham, Glasgow and London to prepare for Pope’s trip

Britain’s reputation is at stake during papal visit, says Lord Patten

Papal visit ‘will put an end to any Catholic feeling like a second-class citizen’