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Cardinal-designate Kevin Farrell says pastoral guidelines for implementing Pope Francis’s exhortation should have been discussed at the US bishops’ autumn conference

The cardinals have asked Pope Francis for a yes-or-no answer on Communion. His silence is unsurprising

The cardinal said there was a tradition of issuing a formal correction if a Pope is in error

The full text of the four cardinals’ letter, preceded and followed by their explanatory notes, is below:

John Podesta said: ‘We created Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good’ to help change the Church

However, the Pope also told reporters people convinced they were born in the wrong body deserve attentive pastoral care


Plus Fr Alexander Lucie-Smith on godparents and Dan Hitchens on how the Church should respond to drug legalisation

Bishop Thomas Olmsted said conscience must be formed in accordance with ‘God’s word and the authoritative teaching of the Church’

Bishops have a duty to challenge ‘devout Catholics’ whose actions contradict Church teaching

We must believe ‘in a new humanity’ and stand against extremism on one side and relativism on the other