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17 martyrs of different nationalities died at communist hands from 1954 to 1970

The cardinal said if the Vatican cannot get a ‘good deal’ from the Chinese government then it must walk away from negotiations

Abortion can seem impossible to overcome. But so did communism

Patriarch Kirill of Moscow is among 300,000 signatories to a new pro-life petition

A dramatic narrative account of the Russian Revolution is appalling and riveting at the same time

Behind his roll-call of heroic individuals, The God of the Gulag shows how communism finally died from within

‘The Cultural Revolution: A People’s History’ exposes the appalling reality under the dictator’s regime

The author of a new study of Communist persecution tells me why these stories must be kept alive

Catholic and Orthodox commission seeks to ‘clarify some questions of history’ regarding Blessed Alojzije Stepinac

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