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Rector at basilica says he has also seen a rise in non-Catholics wanting to go to Confession

Pope Francis made the plea at a penitential liturgy in St Peter’s Basilica before hearing Confessions

Let’s hope that our churches are thrumming with activity

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Priests will hear Confession at churches in England and Wales on March 4 and 5 as part of the Pope’s ’24 hours for the Lord’ initiative

Bishop Egan says in a pastoral letter that sin is not like a ‘stain to be dry-cleaned’ but more a ‘lack of love or lovelessness’


Even practising Catholics have lost a sense of sin

There needs, of course, to be a balance

My burden lifted forever

As I prepared to make my first Confession in more than 20 years, I wondered if my sin was too great to be forgiven

If we are bold and imaginative, the Jubilee Year will transform not only our schools and parishes, but also the wider world