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Evidence suggests pregnancy rates fell sharply in those areas where budgets were most aggressively cut

The 2016 report also said Malteser International’s official policy was ‘inconsistent with Church teaching’

The study said that secularists have tended to have fewer children since the 19th century

Conscience rights aren’t just there for pharmacists’ sake, but for all of us

The charter aims to provide a thorough summary of the Church’s position on affirming the absolute value of life

Fra’ Matthew Festing met with Pope Francis on Tuesday and offered his resignation

The Church has always taught that moral absolutes are necessary to the formation of conscience

The Philippines is the only Asia-Pacific country where the rate of teen pregnancies rose over the last two decades

Attorney representing Little Sisters of the Poor is ‘optimistic’ some or all of the Affordable Care Act will be repealed

It has been many decades since the publication of Humanae Vitae, but it seems more prophetic than ever