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The Philippines is the only Asia-Pacific country where the rate of teen pregnancies rose over the last two decades

Attorney representing Little Sisters of the Poor is ‘optimistic’ some or all of the Affordable Care Act will be repealed

It has been many decades since the publication of Humanae Vitae, but it seems more prophetic than ever

The signatories, who include the papal theologian, say the teaching set out in Humanae Vitae is in accord with the Bible and nature

The bishops said the rights of people with religious objections to contraception should be protected

The cardinal said the devil tries to sow doubt in Catholics’ minds about defending human life publicly

Rodrigo Duterte reiterated his belief that three children should be the maximum number for families

The justices have asked the lower courts to take another look at the issue

The nuns are one of several groups arguing that contraceptive mandate would oblige them to violate their consciences

The order is asking to be exempt from US government regulations obliging them to provide birth control