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Morning Catholic must-reads: 21/10/15

A daily guide to what’s happening in the Catholic Church

Politicians and lobbyists claim that more sex education is the answer to almost every problem in our schools. Here’s why they are wrong

The Church is accused of being ‘out of touch’ in the results of a Church wide survey looking at family and married life

Many Catholic institutions have sued over the legal requirement to provide contraceptive insurance coverage for employees

Under the Affordable Care Act, all health insurance plans are required to provide contraceptive coverage

Charities providing help to immigrant children must provide contraception to youngsters, according to government regulations

At new in-flight press conference Francis says good Catholics are not required ‘to be like rabbits’

The doomsayers are crushed

It is a testimony to the strength of the Church that most of the faithful have persevered through this era of informal official atheism

There is good reason to discuss what can be done pastorally within the context of doctrinal truth

And this confusion is rooted in the arrival of the Pill in the early 1960s