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A classic work, published in 1930, helps to fill in the gaps left by the Gospels

Sister Carolin Tahhan Fachakh was recognised as a Woman of Courage last month

If Russia and Iran withdrew their support from Damascus, Mr Assad would not survive the month

We need to treat any evidence that Muslims are turning to Christ en masse with caution

Mario Zenari has served as the Pope’s representative in war-torn Syria since 2008

Flight of a million Christians

An aid mission to embattled Syria reveals that thousands more faithful are fleeing the country than had previously been thought

Christians face exile or ‘living under the shadow of Islam’, says Damascus cleric

The rector of the Shrine of Fatima says the statue brings with it ‘a message of peace’

Archbishop says his people are ‘heroes of the faith’ but face a Christmas of anguish and neglect

As we contemplate the fate of Catholics in Mosul, this should be a time of mourning.