Fri 24th Oct 2014 | Last updated: Fri 24th Oct 2014 at 16:48pm

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Topic: debate

Debate: Is the family synod document a triumph or disaster?

Join the discussion on the family synod’s mid-term report

Debate: Is giving up alcohol, chocolate or biscuits the best way of marking Lent?

Or is that a distraction from the real task of preparing for Holy Week and Easter?

Debate: Is modern church architecture always hideous?

Or are there some modern churches that really do inspire devotion and raise people’s spirits to God?

Debate: Why do Catholics lapse?

Is it primarily the fault of the Church or of the Catholics who have left it?

Debate: Is it ever right to advise someone not to become a Catholic?

Should we always encourage people to convert or can there be good reasons not to cross the Tiber?

Debate: Have the SSPX-Vatican talks been a waste of time?

Or are they a crucial step along the way towards unity?

Debate: Is the new Mass translation worth all the bother?

Will it enhance the liturgical life of the Church, or is it just a lot of extra hassle for priests?

Debate: Should married former Anglicans be allowed to become priests?

As an ordinariate looks set to be established by next week, the debate about married priests reopens

Debate: Is L’Osservatore Romano undermining the Church?

Or is it a breath of fresh air in the fusty world of Vatican communications?

Blair and Hitchens debate religion as force for good

The former British prime minister argued that religion was a force for good against atheist and journalist Christopher Hitchens in a televised debate in Canada