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The Archbishop of Chicago welcomed the publication of the Pope’s apostolic exhortation

Here we provide a short summary of the Pope’s apostolic exhortation released today

Bishop Egan says the saint offers an ‘inspiring example’ of what being a man means

Bishop says for couples in Africa the pain of childlessness is ‘beyond anything I can say’

The Pontiff spoke to reporters on Sunday evening during his flight home to Rome

The cardinal says as a child of divorced parents he knows what it is to grow up in a ‘patchwork family’

The reforms could affect thousands of Catholics worldwide

In the third of a four-part look ahead to October’s synod, Fr Alexander Lucie-Smith says upholding marriage relies on teaching people about its realities

In March 500 priests in Britain signed a letter urging those attending this year’s family synod to issue a ‘firm proclamation’ upholding Church teaching

Luther’s criticism of Aristotle does not seem important today. Nor will today’s political fads in the future