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Down’s syndrome is an awkward subject for the West. But we should attend to people’s experiences

300 doctors have signed a letter objecting to the new test amid fears its introduction is ‘on economic grounds’

This form of abortion isn’t a ‘right’ – it’s straightforward discrimination

Lord Shinkwin’s Bill will have its Second Reading on Friday in the House of Lords

The Catholic physician’s foundation will be given the Evangelium Vitae Medal

A child with Down’s syndrome is a living human being, with the same longing to be loved as the rest of us

Bill introduced by Conservative peer Lord Shinkwin would end the abortion up to birth of disabled babies

A new screening could eliminate children with Down’s syndrome – but few people want to talk about it


Madeleine Teahan talks to Peter D Williams of Right to Life about a new screening test that would pave the way for more abortions

Worse than eugenics

Myths about Down’s syndrome lead to thousands of abortions every year. A new proposal will make it even harder for parents to resist social pressure