Mon 21st Apr 2014 | Last updated: Mon 21st Apr 2014 at 06:03am

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Topic: Egypt

Christians come under attack in Egypt

Reports suggest up to 58 Christian churches have been targeted by Islamists since military crackdown

The West has behaved terribly over Egypt

Anglo-American policy, from the Iranian coup to the Egyptian one, has been a disaster – now Christians are suffering the backlash

Pope Francis appeals for peace in Egypt

Pontiff prays for victims after violent crackdown in Cairo

Egypt’s Catholic Church praises military for pushing out Morsi

Spokesman says the army was responding to the will of the people

Coptic leader hopeful after Muslim Brotherhood removed in Egypt

Persecution of Christians has risen ‘exponentially’, says bishop

Jesuit: Britain and US are ‘crazy’ for backing Islamists in Egypt

Cleric warns of looming catastrophe for Middle Eastern country

The persecution of Christians in Morsi’s Egypt is now serious. So, will Obama use his billion dollar subsidy in their defence? Don’t hold your breath

Obama’s personal history may explain why

Coptic leaders say Egypt’s constitution ‘prepares the way for Islamic caliphate’

Three Coptic bishops strongly criticise document, saying it is shaped by Sharia law

Pope condemns massacre of Copts in Cairo

Benedict XVI urges Egypt to work towards ‘respect for the freedom and dignity of every citizen’

Church in Egypt blames army and police after violence leaves dozens dead

Peaceful Christian demonstrators attacked by thugs with rifles, sticks and swords, according to Catholic Church spokesman