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Oscar Romero was beatified in May (AP)

Pope Francis made the remarks to a group of Salvadoran pilgrims

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Ms Jurado said she left El Salvador because a gang extorted money from her there

Note from the Pope is read out at beatification service on Saturday

Vatican cardinal says ‘the memory of Romero continues to live in the poor and the marginalised’

The final 24 hours of a martyr

Archbishop Oscar Romero knew that his uncompromising defence of the poor would have only one outcome

Gen Carlos Eugenio Vides Casanova has been accused of human rights abuses during the bloody civil war in El Salvador

Salvadoran Archbishop Oscar Romero was killed in the hatred of the faith 35 years ago today

Oscar Romero was beatified in May (AP)

Cardinal Vincent Nichols speaks at ecumenical service for Oscar Romero

Romero’s case shows how deeply entrenched John Paul’s reforms to saint-making have become