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The Bishops of England and Wales pose with Pope Francis during their ad limina visit (Photo: Mazur/

The Bishops of England and Wales said the decision to leave the European Union ‘must be respected’

David Cameron announces his resignation after Britain voted to leave the European Union (Photo: PA)

We need to put the divisions of the past behind us and tell our European friends how important they are to us

Cider apples at a farm in south Gloucestershire. The Second Severn Crossing is in the background (PA)

The Establishment was wrong about the gold standard, appeasement and the ERM. Now it’s wrong to back Remain

Volunteers at the Black Country Food Bank in Halesowen prepare food parcels (PA)

People will be poorer, food will be more expensive and jobs will be lost if we leave the EU

Boris Johnson and David Cameron, leaders of the Leave and Remain campaigns respectively (PA)

The EU has brought many benefits, but sometimes seems to have lost touch with its Christian roots

Iain Duncan Smith (PA)

The drive towards a United States of Europe has led to political extremism and massive youth unemployment – leaving is the kindest thing to do

Leave and Remain campaigners (Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire)

There have been a lot of myths and conspiracy theories in this referendum – among them that the EU is a Catholic plot

The Brexit debate is not about arguments or statistics, but something more visceral: our destiny as an island people (PA)

Again and again over the last century, the Establishment has been wrong. And it is wrong again today

Nuns arrive to vote at a polling station in London (PA)

Whether Britain votes to leave the EU or not, Catholic organisations should lead the way in accessing funding from non-government sources

A small tent city has formed on Serbia’s border with Hungary where migrants are waiting to cross into the European Union despite border closures and a deal with Turkey to stop sea crossings into Greece. (AP Photo/Darko Vojinovic)

Has the European Union actually made the world fairer, cleaner and safer?