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Bishops have issued pastoral guidelines for clergy dealing with Catholics who are considering euthanasia or assisted suicide

St Augustine rest home was fined €6,000 after it stopped doctors from giving a lethal injection to a 74-year-old woman

The Pope spoke to a group of healthcare professionals from Spain and Latin America

The bill, which is likely to be sent back for amendments, would legalise assisted suicide

Thousands took part in the annual National March for Life in Ottawa

The woman was given a lethal injection after battling severe psychiatric problems

The number of mental health patients killed by euthanasia in the Netherlands has quadrupled from 13 to 56 in the last four years

The legislation sets out conditions under which seriously ill and dying adults may seek medical help to end their lives

Such a procedure, outlined in the Journal of Medical Ethics, would allow medics to remove a patient’s heart before they died

It is perfectly legitimate for doctors and nurses to let nature take its course, and let people die in peace