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The thin end of the wedge has proved true in the ex-Catholic country

Family of elderly cancer sufferer are suing the care home for not allowing a doctor to administer a lethal injection on its premises

Medical professionals in the country released a statement demanding a revision of legislation

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The champions of the Assisted Dying Bill are desperately hoping that Britons will remain ignorant of the euthanasia horror stories emerging from Europe

Prof William Toffler, a leading Oregon doctor, has said that ‘the sick and ageing deserve better’

Another disturbing report from the Low Countries shows where state-sanctioned killing leads

Professor Patrick Pullicino has criticised new guidelines on end-of-life care

Lawmakers heard testimonies from opponents and supporters of the measure that would allow doctors to legally prescribe a lethal dose of drugs

German politicians will be granted a vote on a number of bills aimed at changing the law on doctor-assisted death by November