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Here we publish the full text of the Vatican’s long-awaited instruction, Universae Ecclesiae

At least we can be united on life issues

Pope Benedict has said the objective of Conciliar reform was not to change the rite and texts of the liturgy but to renew the sense of Paschal Mystery

Historic celebration at Minster

Hundreds of Catholics attend an Extraordinary Form Mass in York Minster for the first time since the Reformation

Traditional liturgical language will be part of the Anglican patrimony; and one day, we might be able to use it, too

Bishop enters ‘exploratory negotiations’ with the Institute of Christ the King over future of huge church closed almost three years ago

The Pope’s wishes are quite clear. But are our bishops carrying them out?

Cardinal Burke says that many bishops and priests do not treat abuses seriously enough

Petition appeals to Benedict XVI not to approve a document that reportedly restricts celebrations of the traditional Mass

Liturgy must draw us towards the world beyond, says Fr John Zuhlsdorf. That’s how we can wake up our faith