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Blessed are the bloggers

The internet has brought a golden age of evangelical opportunity. Atheists share the same soapbox – but that should not deter us


Right-on politics has become the prestige faith for the rich

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckberg posted a welcome message to the Pontiff

The monthly messages will feature Francis asking for prayers on various challenges facing the world

Four Israelis were recently killed in Jerusalem in an apparent act of revenge for the killing of a Palestinian woman at a checkpoint

Life in Christ is valuable in all its forms

The traps set by evil spammers can be hard to avoid

A sneak preview of our latest issue


Umberto Eco famously declared that Macs are Catholic and PCs are Protestant. That analogy can also be applied to the two social media giants shaping the 21st century

Fr Alexander Lucie-Smith’s theory on social media’s religious divide is expressed in this week’s Catholic Herald