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Archbishop Georges Pontier’s call for a national unity will likely go unheeded as the nation heads for strikes and social unrest

‘Today Father Hamel speaks still. His life and his death speak after his death.’

Police warned the public to stay away

If he really does believe that truth is inaccessible, then France has a president who believes in the dictatorship of relativism

‘We must hope he succeeds for the good of our country, otherwise it will be catastrophic,’ the Archbishop of Marseilles said

Turnout was high among Catholic voters, with nearly four in five saying they intended to vote

French Catholics played a surprisingly large role in the campaign. They now have a fight on their hands

In the first round, French Catholics did not vote for either Macron or Le Pen. They face a dilemma at the ballot box this Sunday

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Cardinal Barbarin said it feels like democracy has ‘gone mad’ in France and that voters seem ‘totally lost’