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Mgr Peter Smith was given less than 48 hours to live after a blood clot was discovered on his lung

Police said the graffiti was of a sectarian nature

One of the more unusual objects in the exhibition is a horse vertebrae carved into the image of an angel

The Archbishop of Glasgow has spoken of the Scottish Catholic Church’s ‘pain and shame’ after release of McLellan Commission report

Archbishop Tartaglia ‘heartbroken’ for all those caught up in crash in city centre

It is very sad that the Glasgow midwives ruling should be handed down in the same month as the anniversary of the death of a great pro-life champion

Archbishop Tartaglia urges compassion for those ‘caught up in separation’

A brilliant BBC Four documentary tells the triumphant story of David Rudisha and Brother Colm O’Connell

Pope Francis sends message of support to papal nuncio to Great Britain

These brave women have taken their cause to the Supreme Court in London. This is now a vital test case. SPUC have taken on the costs: they urgently need our financial help