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The bishops said the rights of people with religious objections to contraception should be protected

Inspections at abortion clinics in England have prompted serious concerns about patient welfare

Ahead of Parliament vote on Trident renewal, the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales said deploying nuclear weapons ‘does not fit within the Just War tradition’

Last week’s gun control sit-in highlights how one side of the culture war has successfully linked its opinions to the most contentious periods in US history

Sectarianism is not a self-evident result of religious selection in schools

Leaked Government plans include proposal to sack charity trustees deemed ‘extremist’

Lord Alton has said the killing of Christians in Syria is a ‘genocide that dares not speak its name’

A report by the Daily Telegraph claims the proposal is part of the Government’s anti-extremism strategy

Spokesman for the Bishops of England and Wales says further deregulation would be a mistake

Bishop Richard Moth said that British prisons are overcrowded and under-resourced