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A man walks past the Holy Shroud on display at the Cathedral of Turin, Italy.  (AP Photo/Massimo Pinca, File)

In his latest book, Robert Spitzer offers a convincing answer to a challenging question

A girl dresses as St Isabella of France for an All Saints' Day pageant (Photo: CNS)

Dressing up as saints or in white robes can help children understand the soul of a saint

The house in St Louis where an exorcism took place many years ago (Photo: CNS)

Exorcism: Live! is scheduled to air the night before Halloween

Francis: 'God is not a magician, but the Creator who brought everything to life' (AP)

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The archbishop said Catholics should focus on All Souls Day and All Saints Day (PA)

Archbishop Jedraszewski urged Catholics not to partake in Halloween celebrations

Young boy dressed as a vampire for Halloween (Photo: PA)

Halloween is a post-Christian celebration which compels us to buy things which we don’t need. We should return to our Christian roots and throw All Saints parties instead.

Pumpkins are sold at a roadside stall near the Polish capital Warsaw (AP)

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The trashy ‘festivity’ of Halloween has risen to prominence because we are unable to face the idea of the “Church Suffering’

Halloween was once the vigil feast of All Saints' Day, celebrated on November 1 (Photo: PA)

Can smiley pumpkins, window lights and saints’ costumes really replace pointy hats, plastic fangs and pasty make-up?

Children dressed as saints in a costume workshop in Kansas (Photo: CNS)

Pumpkins should have smiley expressions and have crosses cut into the foreheads, according to a campaign endorsed by bishops