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The Shoah is hinted at in inhumanity all around us

Majority of the audience failed to be swayed by scholars speaking in favour of the wartime pope

The debate about Pope Pius XII in London this month will be an education.

There are some things that are simply evil in themselves, and never to be justified

Interestingly, its hostility has been encouraged by the ongoing liberal Catholic anti-Vatican campaign

The changes at Yad Vashem show that the black legend against the wartime pontiff is on the way out

None of the interviewees on BBC2’s Hitler’s Children mentioned religious belief at all

Melanie Phillips says that Islam is intrinsically anti-Semitic; Daniel Goldhagen tries the same argument with Catholicism

A new American film compares abortion to the Final Solution, but is such a comparison tasteless, and does it even help the pro-life cause?

Benedict XVI says the Church feels ‘a great closeness’ to the Jewish people