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Syriac Catholic Archbishop Yohanna Moshe of Mosul, Iraq, and Bishop Oscar Cantu of Las Cruces,  in Iraq (CNS)

Such a strategy would make Christians a ‘target’ for their enemies, Church leaders have said

Pope Francis wants to focus prayers on situations that are ‘more concrete, precise, current, related to actual circumstances' (AP)

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The Prince of Wales (Photo: PA)

The Prince said religious freedom could be a matter of life and death

President Barack Obama

The bill will attempt to help the US administration combat a worldwide escalation in persecution of religious minorities

A Syrian girl pushes a cart loaded with cooking gas canisters in Aleppo (AP)

Archbishop Pizzaballa said ‘wars and the way of force have not been able to bring peace and justice’

The giant Christmas tree in al-Zawra Park, Baghdad, Iraq (AP)

Yassir Saad said he wanted to ‘join our Christian brothers in their holiday celebrations’

A woman wipes her tears during a ceremony in the Saint George church in Bashiqa, Iraq (AP)

Displaced Christians are praying for relatives they had to leave behind in Iraq

A damaged statue of Mary is seen in a church in Qaraqosh, Iraq (CNS)

Patriarch Ignace Joseph III Younan visited beleaguered Christians in northern Iraq last month

A desecrated church recently liberated from ISIS, near the Iraqi city of Mosul (CNS)

After ISIS, there are more horrors to come

Christian minorities across the world are facing a deadly new ‘hyper-extremism’. There is only one way to ensure their survival

Pope Francis signs the apostolic letter Misericordia et Misera, which he will release on Monday (AP)

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