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In a video appeal Fr Douglas Bazi has asked for urgent funds to help save Christianity in the region

The walk will take place during Holy Week and will begin with a Palm Sunday Mass in Irbil

Iraqis fleeing the fighting against Islamic State (IS) group are seen in Mosul

Francis said forces involved in the battle to drive ISIS from the city have an obligation to protect innocents

Their future depends on help from the West, according to a senior Chaldean Catholic official

A special forces soldier helps a family carry their child to cross from an ISIS-controlled part of Mosul to an area controlled by Iraqi forces

Campaigners want US government to do more to help Christians and other minorities persecuted by ISIS

A daily guide to what’s happening in the Catholic Church

Such a strategy would make Christians a ‘target’ for their enemies, Church leaders have said

A tomb had been desecrated and statue of the Virgin Mary was decapitated at the St Addai Chaldean Catholic church

Aid workers say the assault on the city is ‘just the first of several phases’ paving the way for Christians to return to their homeland