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Iraq’s prime minister announced the start of the operations, backed by US-led coalition air and ground support, on state television

Fighting fire with fire

ISIS has brought terror to Iraq’s Christian community. Now there’s a military fightback – but could it make things even worse?

Christian militias are merely defending villages from an enemy that will show no mercy. But in doing so they must make dangerous choices

Despite military defeats suffered by ISIS, Iraqi Christians say minority groups in the country face further uncertainty

The Pope and Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi talked about the importance of reconciliation

‘Historic’ vote by MEPs comes as the House of Commons prepares to debate the issue

We cannot ignore this genocide

Until the murderous persecution of Christians by ISIS is recognised for what it is, its perpetrators cannot be brought to international justice

Patriarch Sako says law shows a ‘total disregard’ for the values of Iraqi civilisation

Pope Francis addressed the World Meeting for Young Consecrated Men and Women yesterday

Six French dioceses will be joined by churches in Switzerland to highlight persecution