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The Bishop of Marawi described the desecration as ‘blasphemy’ and ‘demonic’

In an interview on Egyptian television, she said: ‘I’m not angry at the one who did this, I am telling him, may God forgive you’

Bedouin tribesmen apparently helped police track down the militants who opened fire on a checkpoint outside St Catherine’s monastery

One policeman was killed in the shooting near the Egyptian monastery

The Archbishop of Rouen announced the news at a Chrism Mass

A Catholic spokesman says ISIS is now ‘strongly entrenched’ in the North Sinai region

As Christians flee ISIS in the Sinai Peninsula, those left behind face mounting persecution

The murder – the sixth in less than a month – comes after ISIS promised to step up its attacks

Gamal Tawfiq, 50, was shot in the head by two militants on a motorbike who followed him as he walked from home to work

Patriarch Ignace Joseph III Younan visited beleaguered Christians in northern Iraq last month