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A mob attacked Christian homes in Egypt merely because of a rumour that a church might be built

The protest in Jakarta was the second by hardline Muslims over the governor’s alleged blasphemy

Aid to the Church in Need say one in five countries has experienced Islamist violence since mid-2014

Pilgrims began arriving at the shrine before dawn to celebrate the feast of the Assumption

The Pope made clear his current thinking, that there is no such phenomenon as Islamist violence, any more than domestic violence in Italy constitutes ‘Catholic violence’

Does the Holy Father believe that ISIS is really a front for something else?

The Pontiff offered ‘a paternal and fraternal embrace to all of France’ after the lorry attack in Nice

The former chief rabbi is ‘appalled’ at the international community’s indifference to the plight of Christians

Dozens of men were killed during the attack on the El Adde camp

From January 2015: Charlie Hebdo made fun of all religions, including ours – and sometimes that is needed