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Topic: Italy

Catholics should be wary of supporting the Russian Orthodox Church against Pussy Riot

Among the victims of the Putin-Orthodox alliance are Russia’s Catholic minority

What makes a country third world?

Policemen who don’t expect a tip

With its crusade against crucifixes, our Government is doing a good job of destroying British culture

What a sad contrast with Italy

Italy, a land of beauty and overpowering ugliness

Italy is a country that has often fascinated British writers. Here are my recommendations for the best books on Italy and the Italians

Italy is now ‘in the abyss’ – and the Vatican will not escape this disaster

Italy is facing its worst crisis since the Second World War

At last, Berlusconi is to resign. But it’s a mystery he lasted so long

Italians saw in Berlusconi what they saw in Mussolini – an anti-establishment figure who defied the law

The Amanda Knox case is an indictment of Italian justice

The news media do not come out well, either. The obsession with Knox’s looks was infantile

Pope lunches with shipbuilders

The Pope has lunched with unemployed shipbuilders during a visit to Ancona

When it comes to brotherly love, we’ve got a lot to learn from the Italians

Fr Alexander Lucie-Smith on why so little violent crime happens in Italy