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Topic: Jimmy Savile

Hysteria over paedophilia and child abduction does nothing to serve justice

The murder of an innocent man in Bristol illustrates how gossip and innuendo can have catastrophic results

Even at the time, I supported Mary Whitehouse: now, even on the Left, she has been vindicated. She was right, because she was motivated by her faith

She wasn’t afraid of being laughed at by the fashionable intelligentsia. Her passion for decency and her hatred of ‘filth’ were inspired by her love of God

Why is it so hard for our society to help survivors of sexual abuse ‘move on’?

One abuse victim’s account offers an instructive take on attitudes to paedophilia

How did Jimmy Savile fool everyone for so long?

The BBC was blinded by his celebrity status. But its problems with group-think are shared by many institutions

Does the evil of bad men nullify all the good?

The crimes of Jimmy Savile raise some difficult questions

When Jimmy Savile died, I reproached his obituarists for their cover-up of his faith. Now I have to ask: what was he thinking of during daily Mass?

Was he simply torn between good and evil? Or was it worse: did he do good so that evil might come of it?

A terrible human weakness lies at the heart of the Jimmy Savile case

It is very hard for us to acknowledge the evil that lies plainly before our eyes