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The forthcoming beatification of John Henry, Cardinal Newman has led to some significant architectural commissions

Pope Benedict XVI will use the Popemobile during parts of his tour in Britain so that more people can greet him

US deacon cured of spinal disorder after praying to Cardinal Newman will be personal guest of archbishop

The organiser of the papal visit enjoyed the sunshine at Cofton Park before visiting Cardinal Newman’s private chapel

Pope Benedict XVI made the comment when he placed the pallium over the shoulders of Archbishop Bernard Longley of Birmingham

If you caught the Radio 4 play about Newman, you have all the more reason to read this new booklet

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Archbishop Longley unveils theme of Day for Life 2010

Parish group visits Littlemore, near Oxford, in preparation for Newman’s beatification

Organisers of the papal visit have announced a new venue for John Henry Newman’s beatification, almost halving the number of people able to attend