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The next event is a vigil at Circus Maximus tonight

His casket is placed before the tomb of St Peter

Casket is placed in front of the tomb of St Peter ahead of beatification

George Weigel says it will be several hundred years before the Church ‘takes on board’ the depth and breadth of the late pope’s teaching

It will take 100 years to recover from the 1960s and 70s: but John Paul set us back on course

In meetings with the Polish pope over 25 years Fr Michael Collins got to see a side of him that most people never saw

Or did he fail to tackle the deepest problems of the Church?

The blood was drawn from the late pope by his personal physician in case he ever needed a transfusion

John Paul II’s face has flooded the Eternal City with posters and souvenirs of all kinds and for all tastes

The Devil’s Advocate has a necessary task but the late Pope’s virtues outweigh his faults and errors of judgement