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Pope Francis has made clear that we will live with the consequences of our actions forever

The case of Archbishop Sheen is especially significant for our times

Pastoral bishops and priests must help the Pope if his desired changes are to be achieved

Archbishop Welby with Pope Francis (AP)

Pope Francis has quickly become the most iconic moral authority in the world today

Radiating an absorption in the Gospel with unabashed simplicity is the Pope’s gift

Buildings can decay, religious communities die but each generation invariably throws up new holy people who run with the torch of the Christian faith

He prefers to communicate by means of discussion and conversation rather than preaching at people. But he never places the teachings of the church in any doubt

The Catholic Church ‘thinks in centuries’ and this phrase rests on the received wisdom that time needs to pass before we can make a judgement on someone

The motu proprio ‘Summorum Pontificum’ says that they need ‘no permission from the Apostolic See’ to celebrate the Tridentine Mass: their congregation has acted ultra vires

This World Youth Day we will ‘Go and make disciples of all nations’