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Former pope praises predecessor in collection of interviews

As we approach the canonisations of John XXIII and John Paul II on Sunday, we remember five important aspects of the saints’ lives

John XXIII was very much a man of the people, while John Paul II lived the Gospel without compromise

Cinemas in major cities in England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland gives people chance to watch the historic event in 2D or 3D

Pope Francis has made clear that we will live with the consequences of our actions forever

The case of Archbishop Sheen is especially significant for our times

Pastoral bishops and priests must help the Pope if his desired changes are to be achieved

Archbishop Welby with Pope Francis (AP)

Pope Francis has quickly become the most iconic moral authority in the world today

Radiating an absorption in the Gospel with unabashed simplicity is the Pope’s gift

Buildings can decay, religious communities die but each generation invariably throws up new holy people who run with the torch of the Christian faith