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Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks said there was a 'pattern' of terrorism against Christians  (PA)

The former chief rabbi is ‘appalled’ at the international community’s indifference to the plight of Christians

Pope Francis preaches at the closing Mass of the family synod on Sunday (Mazur/

Morning Catholic must-reads: 29/10/15

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Ibn Khaldun, shown on a Tunisian bank note

More of us should read the 14th century Islamic philosopher Ibn Khaldun

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Inside this week’s Catholic Herald

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Britain Pope

Lord Sacks continues to be the most eloquent spokesman for religion

The BBC's website refers to BCE/CE rather than BC/AD as it is 'religiously neutral'

If our timeline does not commemorate the birth of Christ it has no business to exist at all

Pope Benedict XVI arrives with Baroness Warsi at the meeting of religious leaders earlier today (Photo: PA)

Pope Benedict XVI made the appeal in an address to the chief rabbi and other religious leaders