Thu 20th Nov 2014 | Last updated: Thu 20th Nov 2014 at 16:41pm

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Topic: LIFE

A Swiss euthanasia group has offered a powerful challenge to Catholics

A film presented by EXIT highlights the importance of offering solace to those who have lost the will to live

New campaign to challenge pro-life stereotypes is launched

#notblinkered aims to ‘remove the blinkers’ on pro-life questions

British Government is urged to launch inquiry into ‘scandalously under-policed’ abortion laws

Professor Jack Scarisbrick says abortion services have ‘become a ‘runaway bus’

New rules may spell the end for pro-life fertility care

A pro-life charity will be forced to close its fertility care services if new medical guidelines are approved

Screening breakthrough could lead to eugenics, says pro-life group

Life says advance in foetal screening could lead to wide-scale abortion for disability

Pill should be made available over-the-counter to under 16s, says report

An NHS report has concluded that the availability of the pill over-the-counter reduces the demand for emergency contraception

Government urged to cut ties with abortion industry after one in five clinics accused of breaking law

Pro-life groups says abortion clinics ‘routinely fudge or flout the law’

Pro-lifers call on Government to act after evidence of sex-selective abortions

Pro-life groups have voiced their alarm at evidence of sex-selective abortions in the UK.

Life defends its ‘non-directive’ counselling

The charity Life has defended its ethics following criticism of its non-directive counselling from a Catholic academic

Life FertilityCare receives new ultrasound scanner

Members of the Life charity in Leamington help pay for a £7,000 ultrasound scanner