Mon 20th Oct 2014 | Last updated: Mon 20th Oct 2014 at 22:22pm

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Topic: marriage

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A guide to the harder-to-grasp aspects of Catholic news stories

Archbishop compelled by faith to attend US marriage march

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Intentionally childless marriages can end ‘with the bitterness of bad solitude’, says Pontiff

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Cardinal Kasper’s new approach to the remarried has shaky historical foundations

The cardinal’s case is based on a doubtful interpretation of a tiny number of texts

Walk alongside those whose marriages have failed, urges Pope

We should not condemn ‘those who have failed in their love’, says Francis

Anglican marriage gurus to give talk at Catholic conference

Couple from Holy Trinity Brompton among speakers at conference at St Patrick’s, Soho

Like an ill wind across the Atlantic, mercenary pre-nuptial agreements are heading for Britain

The permanency of marriage is being undermined – Cardinal Nichols should put the Church’s preparation of couples at the centre of his mission