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The five nations with the most Catholics are Brazil, Mexico, Philippines, the United States and Italy

The priest, kidnapped on Tuesday, has now been released unharmed

An estimated 32 priests have been slain in Mexico since 2006

US President Donald Trump speaking at the White House

‘Any Mexican company that intends to invest in the fanatic Trump wall would be immoral,’ the Archdiocese of Mexico has said

Members of the Mexican Federal Police arrive to patrol the city of Culiacan

Fr Robert Coogan alleges officers tried to plant drugs during the raid

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The White House has announced it will enhance enforcement of immigration laws and prevent further unauthorised immigration into the US

Catholics have been urged to avoid honouring the folk ‘saint’

Fr Joaquin Hernandez Sifuentes ‘looked for perfection in everything he did’, his diocese said

The priest has been missing from Coahuila state, an area renowned for cartel violence, for a week