Tue 21st Oct 2014 | Last updated: Tue 21st Oct 2014 at 16:13pm

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Topic: Michael Gove

Catholics had a true friend in Michael Gove

The outgoing Education Secretary wanted to revitalise the Catholic school system, but he only met heel-dragging and indifference

Bishops urge Gove to drop admissions cap for new academies

English and Welsh bishops agree to ‘resist any pressure’ to establish such schools

Conviction politics is back, they say. But will the politicians keep it up; and do they really mean it?

If you believe that there is such a thing as truth, then you have to tell those who disagree with you, voters or not, that they are just wrong

Gove’s new exam plans will not help RE, says CES

Catholic Education Service says the announcement yesterday fails to elevate RE as a core subject

‘Government cannot protect teachers from the sack, if they refuse to teach same-sex marriage’

An official has said that any decision about sacking teachers who refuse to teach about same-sex marriage, ultimately rests with Strasbourg and not the Government

There has been no debate on gay marriage – that’s why people are so angry about it

The Government has handled this issue extraordinarily badly

Gove: I won’t relax rules on Catholic free schools

Education secretary praises role of Catholic Church in education

Secularist attacks on the Catholic faith get worse, on both sides of the Atlantic: here it’s the TUC; in the US (where at least there’s a fightback) it’s Obama

Now, Mother Angelica has drawn her sword: watch out!

Gove rejects call to ban Catholic booklet from schools

Head of Trade Union Congress condemns booklet as homophobic and criticises Education Secretary for ‘lack of concern’

Newman would have loved our new free school

The cardinal would have understood the need to reform our education system