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A child is carried by a rescue worker as migrants arrive on a boat at the Sicilian harbour of Pozzallo (CNS)

Now we owe even more to the Italians

Esteem for Italy’s heroic and altruistic rescue of hundreds of thousands of migrants has surely grown all over Europe

Mideast Israel Wartime Pope

A new book re-evaluates Pius XII and the Holocaust

WWII France Paris Winston Churchill And General De Gaulle

Happy 98th birthday, Fr Charles-Roux

A model of wit, kindness and piety, and deeply devoted to the traditional liturgy of the Church


The bloodthirsty Fascist dictator is still fondly remembered – especially in the south

Many women now choose ‘not to have it all’ – should we be worried?

Italy is a country that has often fascinated British writers. Here are my recommendations for the best books on Italy and the Italians

Berlusconi endures a voting session in the Italian parliament earlier this week (Photo: PA)

Italians saw in Berlusconi what they saw in Mussolini – an anti-establishment figure who defied the law

I will pray for Gaddafi on All Souls’ Day

The treatment of Gaddafi’s corpse was a disgrace – and now he is with God we can pray for him, as we pray for all the dead