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Topic: Northern Ireland

Irish bishops criticise police reforms

Bishops announce opposition to plans to abolish 50-50 Catholic-Protestant recruitment policy for Northern Ireland’s police force

What Peter Robinson wants is a religious scorched earth policy

The Church is doing better in Ulster against the new secularism than the Protestant churches

Morning Catholic must-reads: 18/10/10

A daily guide to what’s happening in the Catholic Church

RAF man cycles to Paris in memory of his father

Carl Fivey raised money for Action Medical Research

Cardinal Conway was wrong to send a terrorist priest to another parish

Imagine discovering that you have regularly received the sacraments from a mass murderer

Cardinal: Church did not cover up role of ‘terrorist’ priest

Cardinal Brady denies that the Church conspired with the Government to relocate a priest suspected of atrocity

Lives remembered: Joan Tomlin

Joan Tomlin was born on December 25 1919. She died on July 20 2010,
aged 90