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Pope Francis’s statement was read out a UN meeting on nuclear arms

Following North Korea’s fifth nuclear test, the Vatican fears for stability in the region

Ahead of Parliament vote on Trident renewal, the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales said deploying nuclear weapons ‘does not fit within the Just War tradition’

The bishops suggested the $272 billion cost of replacing the aging arsenal of nuclear weapons could not be morally justified

Bishop Oscar Cantu visited Japan for the 70th anniversary of the devastating bombings

Bishop Cantu says support for nuclear disarmament in America is declining

Sanctions will be lifted in exchange for an agreement by Iran to restrict its nuclear programme

Bishop Oscar Cantu says framework is a milestone in the negotiations to curb ‘unacceptable prospect of Iran developing nuclear weapons’

Pope Francis used his Easter message to call for global elimination of nuclear weapons

Francis has called on world leaders and people of faith to work together to rid the world of the threat of nuclear weapons