Thu 23rd Oct 2014 | Last updated: Thu 23rd Oct 2014 at 16:14pm

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Topic: ObamaCare

I wish Dr Zeke Emanuel was meeting Pope Francis this weekend

Life still has meaning even when you’re old

Blame the Government for food banks where they are really culpable: but this is mainly a global problem – and bishops need to understand that. And the EU doesn’t help

Episcopal attacks on politicians are just too easy; politicians are always unpopular. But the Government isn’t always to blame for much of for the real hardship

The latest ruling on Obamacare is the best Christmas gift Catholics could hope for

A federal judge has struck down Obama’s contraception mandate

Catholics, a survey says, are split 50-50 in the US election, with faithful Catholics against Obama, “adaptive ones” for him. But how CAN they be?

The National Catholic Reporter is consistently supportive of the President; but what else do you expect?

Morning Catholic must-reads: 12/10/10

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