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The parish has been established at a former Methodist chapel that was purchased in 2015

The 10 men are expected to be ordained as priests next year

A daily guide to what’s happening in the Catholic Church

Though there are battles here too, it is very possible to get on with mission and ministry without fighting gender wars

Bishop Lopes says that a firm resolution to avoid grave sin is necessary before receiving Communion

Liturgy and ecumenism go hand in hand, as Vatican II’s documents demonstrate

The Ordinariate has achieved the ‘noble simplicity’ recommended by the Council Fathers

Hostility from the authorities, and apathy from its own clergy, have put the Ordinariate’s future in danger. But there could be a simple solution

In the five years since I became a Catholic I have seen the hand of God’s blessing

During a visit to St Agatha’s in Portsmouth, I took part in the Ordinariate’s beautiful new liturgy