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The number of Oratorian communities has doubled in England in just three years

No longer seen as a ‘counter-cultural foghorn’, the great writer is becoming increasingly popular – and relevant to modern life

Is Fr Robert Byrne’s appointment a sign of things to come? How many more orthodox bishops can we now expect?

Fr Robert Byrne will serve as an auxiliary bishop in Birmingham

Confession may be in decline in many areas, but some parishes – usually seen as ‘traditional’ – are reversing the trend

Oxford Oratory parishioners are staging a play in honour of John Paul II

If you want a complete new rite Latin liturgy you have to go either to the very top or bottom of Britain

The forthcoming beatification of John Henry, Cardinal Newman has led to some significant architectural commissions

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Contributors to the reissued book, The Path to Rome, gather for a reception at the Oxford Oratory on May 27